Terms and Conditions

Fundboost is not an investment company or charitable organization. We are a platform that facilitates peer to peer donations. We do not guarantee that donor recipients will reach their intended financial targets.


We are not responsible for the success or outcome of any campaign. All members must donate at their own risk. Fundboost does not and cannot verify the information shared by a campaign referrer.


All member information is private and will not be shared by Fundboost, unless required by law. Members are responsible for the privacy of their passwords and accounts.    


Fundboost reserves the right to change donation level amounts, criteria for memberships and terminate memberships. We will endeavour to give ample notice on these changes, but not obligated to. 


A 7% sharing with Fundboost  will be applied on all donations received from any member or non-member, plus a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will be applied for the payment processing fee and will be deducted from every donation made by credit cards.


Each Campaigner donation sent will be split into two donations. 50% will go to the referrer's Campaign and the other 50% will go to the referrer's referrer's Campaign, minus any applicable fees of course. If the direct referrer is at a lower level than the donation level they are sending the donation at, then the referrer will only receive 50% of the donation for the level they qualify for. The remaining amount will be sent to their referrer's Campaign, provided that referrer is at the same level or higher than the donation that is being sent.


Members are able to withdraw 70% of their donations at a time. The remaining 30% is kept to account for the future 10:1 accelerator.


10:1 Accelerator applies to all Campaigners. If a Campaigner receives donations ten times the value of their current account level, then they will automatically be upgraded to the next level by sending a donation to their Referrer's Campaign. In the event the Campaigner is at the highest level(level 12), then they will only be sending level 12 donation. 


A member is not allowed to make a withdrawal request or forward their donation if they have a pending 10:1 Accelerator. 


Only one membership per person and organization is allowed. If we find that a member has multiple accounts, we will deactivate your accounts and freeze any and all donations in your accounts. Your donations will simply be forfeited.