Become a Campaigner
Things you should know

1. A Campaigner will receive donations from all Tier-1 and Tier-2 Referrals. 50% from Tier-1 and 50% from Tier-2 referrals.

2. All the people you directly refer are placed on your Tier-1. All the people they directly refer are placed on your Tier-2.

3. A Campaigner will receive 100% of Guest donations.

4. A Campaigner must be in one of the 12 levels to receive Campaigner donations. However a Campaigner can be at level 0 and still receive Guest donations.

5. A 10:1 Accelerator will also apply to all Campaigners. This means that if a Campaigner has received donations ten times their level amount, they will be required to upgrade to the next level by sending a donation to their referrer.

6. All Campaigners must have an active Campaign to receive donations.

For more details refer to FAQ and Terms and Conditions sections.