Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


What is Fundboost?

Fundboost is an international crowdfunding platform where members support each other's fundraising campaign.

How do I join Fundboost?

There are two ways to join.

2. Use a referral link from the person who invited you.

3. Select a Campaign from the person who invited you to enroll under.


What happens after I sign up as a Campaigner?

After you sign up as a Campaigner, you send a donation of a level of your choosing to the Campaign of the person who referred you. Your account will then be approved and you will qualify to receive donations for your Campaign(s) for that level and all the levels below it. Next step is to create your Campaign. Once your Campaign is created, send out your referral or campaign link to your friends, family, and people you know;  to get them to donate to your Campaign.

How can I get my account approved?

There are two ways to get your account approved.

1. Send a donation to your Referrer's Campaign using your own funds.

2. Get people to send Guest Donations to your Campaign. With these donations, you can upgrade to a level of your choosing.

Can I still receive donations if I am a Campaigner at level 0?

You can still receive Guest Donations but you will not be able to receive donations from other Campaigners.


What is my referral link and where can I find it?

Your referral link is unique link that you can send out to invite people. Anyone who signs up through your referral links will be placed under you. You can find the link on your "Member Dashboard" after you sign in.


What currency is being used for donations?

We are using USD currency to accommodate worldwide donations. All the amounts on the site are in USD.


What is the two tier donations?

Our two tier donations simply means that all the people you directly refer, will be placed in your tier 1. And all the people your tier 1 referrals bring, will be placed on your tier 2.  You will receive 50% of the all the donations sent by all the members on your tier 1 and tier 2. This is people helping people. You are not only dependent on donations from your own efforts but the efforts of your referrals as well.


What are the 12 levels?

12 levels are the donation levels. Each level represents a certain donation amount.  You can choose any of the 12 level donation to send to your Referrer's Campaign.


What is a 10:1 Accelerator?

10:1 accelerator is a way for all Campaigners to receive donations. For e.g. if you came in at Level 4 - $30, you will have to upgrade once you have received at least $300 in donations. Basically 10 times the value of the level you are in. It will be automatically deducted from your account. This means if you have a lot of people in your affiliate network, they will be sending you these donations on on-going basis. Once they reach level 12, then they will be sending you level 12 donations. And remember that these donations are split 50/50 with you and your Referrer. So not only will you be receive these donations from your tier 1 referrals but also tier 2 referrals. 


Can I upgrade my level at any time?

Yes you can upgrade to any level at any time you like.


What's the benefit to upgrading to higher levels?

If you register at the highest level possible, you will qualify to receive donations for that level and all the levels below it. It would also be more cost efficient than upgrading one level at a time.


What if a person in my referral list is at a higher level than me?

If any person you referred is at a higher level than you, anytime they send you a donation, you will only receive the amount for the level you qualify for.


If I send a donation, is it automatically approved?

Yes, all donations are automatically approved.


If my referrals send me a donation, do I receive the full donation?

You will receive 50% of every Campaigner donation sent to you from all your Tier 1 referrals. You will also receive 50% of donations from your Tier 2 referrals.


How does Fundboost make money?

We receive a 7% platform sharing fee on each donation sent.


Is Fundboost available worldwide?

Yes, is available worldwide.


Are there any refunds?

No, there are no refunds. Donations are given freely and willingly.


Is crowdfunding legal?

Yes.  Crowdfunding has been the new wave of fundraising for various projects. Fundboost however does not accept campaigns selling equity in companies.  You can have a company and accept donations however.  We recommend you check any laws with the jurisdiction you reside in to ensure your compliance.


Can I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account by going under "edit settings" after you sign in. 


What is a Campaign on

A Campaign on is a means for a member to receive donations from people to help fund their project.


Why do I need to create a Campaign?

You need to create a Campaign in order for people to send you donations. Without an active ampaign you will not receive any donations.


Can I update or stop a Campaign?

Yes you can update your Campaign at any time. You can also stop your Campaign at any time. But if you do stop your Campaign, make sure you create a new one immediately after so that you do not miss out on any donations.


How long can I have the Campaign open?

Your campaign will be on-going until you decide to stop it.


Can I have more than one Campaign active at the same time?

Yes. You can create as many campaigns as you like.


The Campaign I am sending the donation to is not that of my Referrer. Why is that?

If the Campaign you're sending your donations to is not that of your Referrer, there could be few reasons why.

1. Your Referrer has not yet created their Campaign yet.

2. Your Referrer's account has been deactivated.

3. Your Referrer is not in any of the twelve (12) levels.

4. Your Referrer hasn't fulfilled their pending donation(s) obligations.


Can I send donations to other members who are not my direct Referrer?



Do I have to sign up in order to send a donation?

No you do not have to sign up in order to send a donation to a Campaign. You can simply "Donate as Guest" to a Campaign of your choosing.


What donation options do i have available for me?

You have two donation options.

1. Donate as Campaigner. You will need to signup for this.

2. Donate as Guest. You do not need to sign up and you can send any amount you wise to desire. Minimum of $5.00.


What is a Guest Donation?

Guest Donation is a way for people to quickly send a donation to a Campaign without taking part in our program.


Do I have to be in one of the twelve (12) levels to qualify to receive Guest Donations?

No. You do not need to be in any of the levels in order to receive Guest Donations.


Do I receive 100% of the guest donations?

Yes. Unlike the Campaigner Donations which are split 50/50, you will receive 100% of the Guest Donations, minus the platform sharing fee and payment processor fee.


Are the donations sent directly to me?

No, the donations are sent directly to The platform distributes the donations to the members. You can make a withdrawal request to receive your donations at any time.


How long does it take for me to receive donations after I make a withdrawal request?

It may take  up to 48 hours to process your withdrawal request. 


Can I withdraw all my donations?

You can only withdraw 70% of your donations at any given time. The remaining 30% is kept in your account for future 10:1 Accelerator.


How do I receive my donations?

There are currently two ways for our members to receive their donations. We may be adding other methods in the near future.

1. e-Transfer (only for those with Canadian bank accounts).

2. Bank Wire Transfer (International).


How much can I withdraw donations in a single request?

These are the limits per withdrawal request for members. The maximum withdrawal limit may increase in the near future.

1. e-Transfer: Minimum $100, Maximum $4,000

1. Bank Wire: Minimum $100, Maximum $4,000


What are the fees when sending an e-transfer and bank wire transfer?

It's $5 for sending an e-transfer. Bank wire of under $2,500 is $20. Over $2,500 is $25. These fees will be deducted from your account after your withdrawal request has been processed. Also remember that there will be a currency exchange rate if the payout is going to a non-usd bank account.


What payment methods can I use to send donations?

There are two ways you can send donations.

1. You can send donations through our payment processor using your credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

2. You can use the donations you received in your account. The donation amount will be subtracted from your account. If you choose this method, the payment processor fee of 2.9% + ¢0.30 will not apply. 


What fees are subtracted after I send a donation with my credit card?

7% platform sharing fee and 2.9% + ¢0.30 payment processing fee is subtracted from all donations sent.


What fees are subtracted after I send a donation using my account donations?

Only the 7% platform sharing fee is subtracted. You will not be charged the payment processing fee.


What happens to my account when I reach my Campaign goal?

Once you hit your Campaign goal you can simply create a new project or goal, be it for personal, business, or non profit projects. Or you can simply keep your current Campaign open.


How can I qualify to receive donations for all 12 levels for my Campaign?

To qualify to receive donations for all 12 levels for your Campaign, you first need to send a donation for level 12 to your Referrer's Campaign.


What if my Campaign is not approved? Can  I still receive donations?

If your Campaign is not approved then it won't show up on the public side of the site. You will not miss out on any donations sent by your referrals.


What could be the reason why my Campaign was not approved?

Your Campaign must have proper details and as well as a correct size photo.